The Bridge Interviewed by 10TV

WBNS 10 TV reporter, Maureen Kocot, has observed many First Responders experience traumatic events over her 26 years as an award winning journalist. Maureen heard about a new nonprofit, The Bridge, made up of First Responders, Clinicians and Business Leaders, who is helping First Responders and their spouses or significant other who have experienced traumatic or life altering events or are experiencing depression, anxiety, or Post Traumatic Stress.

Maureen conducted an interview of retired Columbus Police Officer Larry Turner and FOP President Keith Ferrell, who serves as a Board of Trustee member of The Bridge.

Larry Turner is a retired Columbus Police Officer. Larry worked in the Patrol Bureau, Strategic Response Bureau and in the Narcotics Bureau in the In-Tac Unit.

Keith Ferrell has served as a Columbus Police Officer for 22 years. He has served in patrol as well as being a Detective in The Special Victims Bureau. In the Special Victims Bureau, he investigated sexual assaults and Kidnappings. He also was one of the first Crisis Intervention Team officers on the Columbus Police Department.
Keith serves as President of the Fraternal Order of Police , Lodge #9 in Central Ohio. He has served on The Fraternal Order of Police Foundation board for the last five years as the Ethics Officer as well as Secretary. In his work with the Fraternal Order of Police Keith has assisted with critical incidents involving officers and has helped get them the support they needed.