Our Mission

The mission of First Responders' Bridge is to support all active and retired First Responders and their families, loved ones, or caregivers who are experiencing, or have experienced, any traumatic or life-altering event. The Bridge will promote personal growth and healthy relationships with a multi-faceted approach in a safe and confidential environment.

First Responders' Bridge does not provide counseling services, but provides guidance and access to available resources

First Responders' Bridge does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, religion, gender, disability and age in the delivery of services or in employment practices.

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Of firefighters meet the criteria for a diagnosis of post-traumatic stress


Of First Responders have experienced symptoms related to mental health issues

In 2019 there were 189 Police/Firefighter Line of Duty Deaths. There were 358 Police/Firefighter suicides.

In 2017 46 Police Officers were fatally shot. More than triple that — 140 — committed suicide.

Our Services

We provide 3-day, expense free retreats for active and retired First Responders and their significant other who have experienced a traumatic or life altering event or are experiencing depression, anxiety, post-traumatic stress, or are just feeling lost or hopeless.

During The Bridge retreats you will receive information concerning your health and wellbeing as it relates to First Responders who have experienced trauma or traumatic events and their significant others who have supported them. There will be keynote speakers and peer speakers who will share their knowledge and experience with First Responder trauma. The First Responders' Bridge retreats are strictly confidential.

The Bridge offers retreats and services to assist first responders in finding counseling services, but does not directly provide counseling.

Who We Serve

Law Enforcement (active and retired)
  • Police Officers
  • Federal Law Enforcement Officers
  • Corrections
Firefighters (active and retired)
  • Paramedics
  • EMS
  • EMT
Dispatchers (active and retired)
  • 911 Operators
  • Call Takers

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